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Why let your place with Uniplaces

Landlords from all over the world are partnering with Uniplaces to help out international students who are travelling to your city to complete their studies. There is no better way for medium term rentals.

Free to join

Listing your rooms or apartments with Uniplaces is free. We only charge a small commission on the bookings that you accept. It's that simple!

Great people at the other end

Uniplaces' account management team is right here to assist you set and publish your listings and managing all incoming booking requests for you

Skip the viewing

Tired of countless viewings? All Uniplaces bookings are made without viewings by making sure you and the student are a fit for each other

Keep you safe

Eligible hosts can get extra security from the Uniplaces Guarantee. We cover your whole contract value if the tenant leaves before the contract ends.


Measure the benefits and high yields of renting to students!

Find out how much could you make

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What do our landlords have to say?

Uniplaces is truly unique. It's simple, and very useful when you want to rent apartments to students. Besides that, it's a personalised service in the sense that it follows each reservation through every step to guarantee the best outcome possible.
UniPlaces offers a fantastic platform that allows The Collective to push its product to a larger target market. Thus assisting us growing our brand and vice versa. The booking process initially was smooth and has improved further throughout the course of this year.
Uniplaces are young and vibrant accommodation agency whose staff and management are very professional and innovative.


45 year old private landlord in London


Prince Ben Rauf

Professional landlord - The Collective in London


Goran Krgo

Professional landlord - The Stay Club in London

Are we the right team for you?

What are the minimum requirements to rent with you?
- Uniplaces has a minimum stay period of 28 days;
- Since our tenants are looking for furnished apartments, we're only accepting furnished properties at the moment;
- Your ad should represent what the tenant will find as accurately as possible. Adding more features to your ad will bring you more bookings.
How do payments work with Uniplaces?
To book their place, tenants pay Uniplaces first month of rent. After the tenant moves in, Uniplaces then transfers this first payment to the landlord, deducting a fixed commission fee of 8% of the total contract. The remaining payments will be paid by the tenant directly to you.
How is the comission calculated?
We charge a fixed commission of 8% levied on the total value of the contract. For example, with a monthly income of 350€ for a 6 month contract, the commission will focus on 6x350€ = 2.100€, ie, the commission will be 168€, deducted only once in the first month's rent.
What else should I know?
For any further information we recommend you to visit our page Help for Landlords.

Don't Worry

You are not going to do this alone. We're here to help you along the way.